четверг, 31 октября 2013 г.

Oct 11. General Assembly, Day 1. Delegation Dinner

Here it comes, the event we were working (and not only) for the whole Session. Attack speeches, debates, some impassioned delegates that try to jump over the lectern.

Resolution after resolution passes, we are streaming the process online... What is most important we got closer to the culmination. Now you could feel this bittersweet realizing of a close end of Tbilisi 2013. 

Official song of the Session by Media Team

In the evening we have a traditional cultural event - dinner! Yes, our favourite Georgian food which Ukrainians just adore. Our delegation goes to a good restaurant, not expansive one (why should we?), orders all those khachapuri, khinkali, village-style potato with mushrooms, meat and a lot of wine!

What a great-great time!Finally we could exchange our inside jokes and have sincere laugh and converations. After that - a night tour in Tbilisi.

 We went up to the highest hill of Tbilisi again using a ropeway. It was an amazing view from there, literally flying over the city and thousands of lights...

We walked around passing the high-tech bridge and Turkish style narrow street with awnings and soft couches outside where you can seat and chill smoking hooka for 40 lari. 

Georgians sell the fruits even late in the evening and we buy some grapes. Don't forget to argue with the seller first, that is how you buy what you want 2 or 3 times cheaper.

And finally we have to go home after midnight as the last official day is coming... But "Bazaleti" Hotel is already waiting for us with its incredible atmosphere. Thank you, guys!

Adele cover by delegates of the IS74, Tbilisi, Georgia
Big thanks to Matteo! You are an amazing talent!

среда, 30 октября 2013 г.

Oct 10. Euroconcert and Mtskheta. Deepin'

On Thursday we went on a fieldtrip to Mtskheta - a small and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. 

It is situated between Tbilisi and Gori and there are several temples in its area.

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, 11th century. Photos by A. Muhranoff

We walked in the town and also went up on the hill to Jvari Monastery. I was amazed rather by the age of the building than by its architecture. Wow... It's seen a thousand and half years of peace and war, of tears and smiles, like those that a new-married couple had.

Jvari Monastery (6th century)

Here, at the top, I started to realize how religious Georgians are. Especially I was surprised that more of young people were attending church. As others explained, during the USSR time Georgian nation was turned into atheism.

Besides, here, at the very top, above one of the symbols of Georgian culture, I heard, "I am proud of my country." These words reminded me ones that Anano from LCC said about Georgian youth, that they study abroad and then come back to make their country even better.

Photo by Koka Kapanadze

Evening. "Rustaveli" Theater. Euroconcert. Probably, one of the brightest events of the Session. That was a great opportunity to show Georgian culture in its beauty and passion. Yes, hot blood and rapid, torrid dances!

Photo by Gigi Ugulava

 And of course various talents from all over the Europe...

It was an honour for all the delegates and congratulations to EYP Georgia for having the mayor of Tbilisi among the guests.

Giorgi Ugulava also congratulated young ambassadors from various countries and wished them to become great European leaders. As a politician, he saw the Georgian integration with the EU as a vital thing that will be fulfilled in the near future.

So sad it finished so quickly... We even didn't have time to accumulate the EYP spirit as I remembered my National Session in Ivano-Frankivsk, in Ukraine. Well, everything's ahead:)

With the Netherlands, Turkey, Cyprus and Czech Republic

вторник, 29 октября 2013 г.

Oct 9. Georgian Night. Feelin'

Georgian hot temper and culture, dances, food, performances... All this was presented to us the delegates by great team of organizers.

Photo by © Timothy Henry Charles Tamm

After finilizing our resolutions during the working day the rest in the evening was a vital thing. We expected something nice... but not so great!

With Ukrainians at one of the best restaurants of the capital

Photo by © Timothy Henry Charles Tamm

A I already mentioned before, there is a lot of imperfections in Georgia, just like in every country, but this nation used to their own and a very unique style of life. This is something that marks in your mind and stays in the heart.

Photo by Alexey Prylipka


Oct 8. Committee Dinner. Chillin'

The whole day we spent at the Georgian National University working in our committies. It was really tiring and by the end of the day we were exhausted. 

Though, at the evening we got a chance just to relax and chill. Together with EMPL we went to one of the restaurants ordering whatever we wanted (even though we didn't know what we wanted:)

Some people during the Session didn't like the food, but personally I have to say that 

Georgian food is amazing!

Watching average Georgians at the restaurant and the whole families that had come there I started to enjoy this culture a lot. It seemed that all the worries were left aside and people just chatted, laughed, and the old man in a suit was playing the violin for guests...

The meat is incredibly soft and melts in the mouth! Shashlik is my favourite

I already miss khinkali - these hot dumplins with liquid

Khachapuri is another traditional dish which will make you full, believe me!

Kebab... mmm, never enough meat in Georgia!

My only concern on that day was driving. I mean I started noticing from the very first day but later it became annoying: driving is awful in Georgia! There is no tolerance among drivers, they just cut you on the narrow road and beep. All the time they acted dangerously and sometimes I really freaked out. Who knows when their luck ends...


воскресенье, 27 октября 2013 г.

Oct. 7. Opening Ceremony. Chillin'

The Opening Ceremony took place at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, in Tbilisi.

Photo by Alexey Prylipka

The officials of the Session, of EYP from Berlin, of the Schwarzkopf Foundation, and a vice-mayor of Tbilisi spoke.

It was amazing to be there among bright youth of Europe and high-rank representatives. In that moment you realize that also have a power to shape this world.

The hymn of Europe

Though, I was also careful what the speakers talked about. In the cheering promotion of Europe I heard some doubtful ideas and directions which I will face later while travelling across Georgia. There are two sides: politicians and the people.

Nowadays politics forms our understanding of the reality and society. While one thing happens, a misinterpreted text is shown on mass-media; while a nation lives in one way, the government of its country can promote a different vision of international relations for which the nation is known in the world later.

With delegates from Turkey and Switzerland

Thus, I have distinguished couple tips:
- listen but analyze;
- participate but persist in your opinion.

But let's put all the serious stuff aside! After the Ceremony we had a nice banquet and in the evening we got a chance to see "the City that loves us". All the Session participants went to the highest hill of Tbilisi for the party in the "Underwheel" club.

"Whooooo we areee? Crazy-crazy EYP! Sexy-sexy EYP!"

The view of the capital from the "Underwheel" Club
by one of the delegates

We had truly fun time and danced till we could. After that we went outside to refresh in cold night and to look at the marvellous lights of Tbilisi which were blinking saying, "Yeah, guys, you are lucky **tches, enjoy the life 'cause it's wonderful!"
Then going back to dances in the lazers and smoke.
Every day is special.


суббота, 26 октября 2013 г.

Oct 6. Culture Shock. Feelin'

The next day was fully designated to each committee's teambuilding.
That's where you build full trust and find fresh ideas for future creative work.

Photo by © Aleksey Prylipka

Thanks to EMPL - my lovely committee on employment. I really enjoyed working with you! Easy, fun and so diverse...

A lot of space and fresh air was very helpful:) 

Photos by © Ilir Kola

And we danced, and we laughed, and we lived...
In the evening we had to leave the Bazaleti Lake hotel.
Before getting on the buses we played fun races organized by Media Team. Holding a potato on the end of a spoon we ran back and forth competing with other committees. I don't want to get that deep in details. I just try refresh my memory and bring the whole day to light.

Oh, here is it! One hour long ride to the capital: tired, hungry, but happy. And the shock starts.I was surprised that
Georgians smoke inside.
Many delegates could not believe that smoking cigarettes was allowed in the hall. Though, most adapted quickly and started doing the same. As for me, a non-smoker, Georgia in this case was annoying as mostly everybody was smoking (while working or in public): a taxi driver, restaurant security guard, shop assistant etc. Tobacco is very accessible. The game boxes that are filled with toys in Ukraine have cigarettes packs in Georgia. And I with my own eyes saw little kids, approx. 11 and 7 years old, playing this game box.


We lived with other people in a new hotel (evantually EYP participants were devided between 2 hotels - "Bazaleti" and "Astoria"), so no wonder that I smelled weed in the public bathroom?..

Total freedom VS. The Law

(Total) freedom versus concious following the borders (rules) that the society has set. Ah, Georgia, you are the vivid example for Ukrainians. If most of the people of Ukraine don't change their mentality, then EU will not be a lifebuoy for us. Living in Lithuania, sometimes I can use this country as an example (there is still a high rate of unemployment and emigration, and low level of life for many citizens).

OK, another weird thing is "24/24" sign in every cafe or supermarket. Is it a joke or something?:) I get our 24/7 which means full day, full week, but...


пятница, 25 октября 2013 г.

Oct 5. Eurovillage. Feelin'

On October 5th we had traditional EYP teambuilding.
Crazy, fun, one spirit!

Photo by © Öykü Talı

Photo by © Aleksey Prylipka

After that all the delegates met for the first time in their committees. Charif, our chair, left us alone with the envelope and a task inside. It was really strange as we were the only ones wondering around and exploring beautiful area of the hotel Bazaleti Lake while others already played different games and talked with their leaders.

We spent several hours trying to solve various tasks but it was worth it. We began to think as a team, moreover, we got to know each other really well.

The final stage happened when we blindfold were accompanied to the highest floor of the building using stairs. One by one we were coming inside of the tiny room with a low ceiling hearing classical music and feeling the mystery with every our neuron. From that moment I realised how awesome our chair was and how interesting the work in the committee will be. And this is important because we couldn't party 24/7 only.

Mmmm, party...

In the evening the preparations for the traditional Eurovillage started. 

Without any doubt, such an event is something amazing and unique. This isn't not only a place where you can try Irish beer, delicious Cypriot wine or meat of a bear from Finnish delegation, neither it is a simple dancefloor where the whole Europe meets to have a fantastic time. 

Eurovillage unites people. Here French forget about conflicts with Flemish, Ukrainians hug with Russians, tasting Swiss fondue or Azerbaidjanian cognac instead of thinking about stereotypes.

Photo by © Timothy Tamm

Being there reminded me that it is so easy to stay happy, and that people from any corner of the world are the same people but dressed in different culture.

With Love to EYP,
With Love to Europe!


среда, 23 октября 2013 г.

Oct 4. Georrrgia! Welcome Party

Seeing mountains in illuminator, getting excited... 
Yes! I'm in Georgia! Beautiful, refreshing.

After meeting a group of EYPers we are moving to Bazaleti Lake Hotel. In the windows of our bus there are Soviet 9-floor buildings set right here, in the mountains, and small houses. Some are as old as couple centuries. Other are modern, both cheap and expensive ones. But I don't think about that as we already have fun conversations with French, Austrian, Belgian and Estonian.

 The place is really nice! There is a lot of space, rooms are huge. And the lake makes happy. Oh wait, and hot coffee as well because it is really windy and cold...

People arrive delegation after delegation but there isn't much to say. Disco as a welcome party and houses packed with people that welcome new guests are waiting:)

#tbilisi2013 #georgia #eyp #travel

воскресенье, 20 октября 2013 г.

Oct 4. Istanbul. Feelin'

Thinking about destiny and other applied things again. I had to change my flight from Istanbul to Tbilisi as very little time left before my trip and tickets got very expensive. Though, it happened that I had then to spend about 10 hours in Turkey. And since I have a Ukrainian citizenship why not?

So I get into subway, pick any random station among dozens and just start exploring. There is something magical about simple walking in unknown place and without a guide. It is like reading its karma and receiving a special energy that will follow you later in memories and behaviour. 

I wondered a bit in the streets of this modern city. I didn’t see a lot but already had experienced Turkish culture visiting kebab snack bar. It looked pretty good and the food tasted even more fascinating! Mmmm… 

I met a company of five hospitable Turkish men there that doesn’t speak either English or Russian well. They were smiling and encouraging me finally to choose any meal. In fact, the worthiest scene was when a homeless man came. Owners didn’t throw him away but even gave him a cigarette. Then a stranger stayed for longer time and started singing something in their native language. They laughed (in a good way, of course) and smiled to me. 

Everybody seems to be one family here, one patriotic nation. Maybe it’s just the first impression. Although, I like good impressions. See you later, wonderful Turkey.