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Oct 18. Kutaisi. Chillin'

Morning train to Kutaisi. Looking at the sea through the window feeling the warmth from its side. Yeah...

A suburban train was something I wanted to experience in Georgia before going home. Common people, routine talks, random travellers.

Before the train arrived I met Jehovah's Witnesses. These always happy people advanced in teaching me as well: "The government tries, tries, but nothing works... People need to remember the necessity of looking for sense of life. People need faith."

There are simple monotonoes houses in Kutaisi, though, some streets fascinate with their chic. 

New buildings made in old-style and bringing back the atmosphere of heroic past or immortal classics, theatres and sculptures representing legends that are still told among people - all these help the second biggest city of Georgia to not be pushed into the background.

Bagrata Cathedral.
A tender combination of different centuries' restorations. Light colour and forms, impressive base

Then I finally met Kristina again. We walked in the city while she was telling me interesting stories and showing the most beautiful parts of Kutaisi. First, we went to the Art Cafe made right in the entrance of past Soviet hotel. There was a guy performing drama or something in Georgian. We laughed and after that decided to get going.

We had dinner in the restaurant on the terrace above the river not even noticing how fast the time passed. And this is when "there is not a lot to do in Kutaisi"!

For the night we went to Kristina's home where I have met her hospitable family. While drinking home made wine, we shared stories and dreams. I am sincerely thankful to Kristina for such a greeting and hosting!

I thank everybody whom I've met during all this time.

You made this blog,
You stayed in my memory,
You inspired my heart. 

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