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Oct 12. GA Day 2. Farewell Party

What the Session! What the memories! There wasn't even a time to blink while the last day of the General Assembly approached us.

Photos by © Aleksey Prylipka

What left to say?
We won.

Our great team proposed the best resolution to which each our member made a tremendous contribution, writing and defending it at every stage. Moreover, I believe that all the knowledge I gained during the incredible teambuilding, and skills on entrepreneurship prepared and inspired me more to take a risk and make my own innovation, "to create future instead of predicting it." It meant to be so.

Thank you, EMPL! YOU are AWESOME!     Photo by © Christos Papadogeorgopoulos

The Closing Ceremony was at high level, and every official, every speaker delivered to the audience magnificent speeches. Hopefully, those who didn't turn into tears yet enjoyed the amazing rhetoric skills. After that...

"Imagine all the people..."

The traditional EYP hymn that has been uniting European youth for several decades brought everybody in one circle again. Even the air was thick, and you could taste the true spirit. Ah, I missed that. And will miss.

Photo by © Aleksey Prylipka

You can have a look at all the resolutions. That was our work to create these lovely kids which will make the world a better place. 

...When I was going to my room after unforgettable Farewell Party, my friend from Azerbaidjan made a point, "This is a culmination, dude."

Indeed, it was a finishing of the International Session of European Youth Parliament. Though, not the fact that my friends were going home made me upset but a recent loss of a camera with all the photos of them. Very unpleasant. However, I started to ommit thinking about material things. Stuff comes and goes away every day. One time you find an iPhone, and another day your computer breakes totally.

No, loosing a camera wasn't a culmination. In fact, my committee's group hug was a big moment, tears of a Cypriot girl was a big moment, little ceramic shoes presented as a souvenir to each member of our team by Dutch friend was a big moment; postcards by Armenian girl was a big moment; jumping all together to the magic music was a big moment. And neither great songs and cold beer, nor desirable smoking the hooka could be compared with that if talking about euphoria.

Such small moments teach us to value inner potential of our personality which directly shapes the reality around us.

So yes. Thank you again, #Tbilisi2013

Session video by the Media Team

And a little bonus...

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