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Oct 13. Tbilisi. Keepin'

Imagine yourself looking at something beautiful and unique but not being able to picture it. Dual feeling, isn't it? On one side, you still see the object, still enjoy its attractive features, but on another side, you can't share its image. You just don't have it.

I had a similar feeling walking in the streets of Tbilisi in the warm sunny afternoon with my Ukrainian friend and facing this singular city from a new perspective. 

The Session finished and delegation after delegation, people were leaving Bazaleti Hotel. Though, it also meant that we finally could experience Georgian capital in the daylight. What a pity that I didn't have my camera anymore (thus, most of the pictures are the extracts from the Internet). Later I thought how could people believe me that I had been here and there, at unrivalled places in a marvellous time. It was the first thought. After that I didn't care and stared at the Bridge of Peace that connected two banks of the Kura River with grace.

The Bridge of Peace

There were also many amazing buildings, new and extraordinary. Some looked modern and impressive while others were futuristic and totally inorganic with 19th century edifices and houses. To say in general, I have not seen anything in the world similar to Tbilisi. Its architecture accompinied by ancient temples creates an unbelievable landscape that lays right in the mountains like tents of tourists who forever fell in love with the "city that loves you."

Public Service Hall.
Not only unique looking but also life improving building. Here you can get all the necessary documentation. The one-stop shop principle has decreased the corruption rate in Georgia in times.

New Concert Hall and the Government Building (on the background) /
The street

 You can see a lot of old buildings which are very-very beautiful. The balconies... mm!

Of course, the Soviet Union print is left as well. There are still whole neighborhoods with same grey high buildings or Russian signs that greet you on the old walls. Although, fresh EU flags are hanged all over the capital. With its contrasts and ambitions to join Europe, Georgia fairly gets the second place after the United States for its diversity...

What is really said that there is almost no middle class.
There are some very rich people and then you can observe
the poor population. Taxi drivers and market sellers argue for price. One time they make more money on foreigners, another time less than they usually earn. A huge inequality...

Later during the day I played ping-pong with two young fellows, Maks and Lasha. They said they didn't want to go abroad. In their opinion, Motherland goes first. Their smart friends left Georgia for a better job which was upsetting for them. Maks said that country had made a huge jump forward but there was much more to improve too. "For example, we have 1,000,000 lari for construction," Maks said. "The Government (Misha [Mikheil Saakashvili]) takes 300,000 and then builds the object with the amount that left." He also added that he was thankful to their President and that many people didn't value all good things he had accomplished for Georgia: all the modernisation, corruption cuts and stepping towards the EU. On the contrary,

 "if Saakashvili were not selfish and didn't steal a lot of money, he would have been one of the greatest leaders. He is very smart though."

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