пятница, 15 ноября 2013 г.

Oct 15. Gori. Feelin'

It's  a beautiful day, it's a new Georgian day!
I woke up in an appartment of one of the "brothers" from the car. Last night they drove me to their home in Tbilisi where I slept well and had a cup of tea with bread and honey in the morning. Mmm... Thank you, my friends!

Though, I had to move on. I was shown the way to the closest subway station and I said goodbye to big brother. 

In Gori I started to feel sick as crazy adventures do influence our health. Oh...

Gori is the place of birth of the Soviet Leader. Stalin Museum

Walking in the streets I payed a lot of attention to people and their appearence, gestures. I was very surprised when saw teenagers who crossed themselves looking at the temple one hundred meters away. Adults did that as well. It seemed that everybody "greeted" religious places more often than other people.

I still didn't feel well but I had to visit a cave city Uplistsikhe. After six minutes of bargaining with a taxi driver the price became four times less expensive and we took off. It was the first driver who didn't speak Russian so while "flying" in the narrow streets and going to a little village eastward of Gori, I was thinking about yeasterday stories that Achi and his mother told me. Those 5 days of war were a suffering for all the citizens of this region. 

"The South Ossetia militants suddenly came to the town and started to shoot people,"

August 2008

Achi's mother was refreshing the memories. "At that time my eldest son just came back from Tbilisi with his friend who was shot to death on the first day... Many houses were burning. People were running away in panic. It was a terrible time... Then the Russians came and controlled the town for weeks."

August 2008

It was hard to believe that such events were happenning in our time. I remember I was in a summer camp in Crimea when we heard the terrible news. And Georgia isn't far away from Ukraine. We were scared that the conflict could spread to our country as the government supported Georgian military.

There is still a Georgian military base outside of Gori.

...Soon we arrived to one of the most popular places among tourists - the cave city. Uplistsikhe is about 3000 years old.

It is a great historical sight but I really expected something very special. Maybe, too special.

Though, I enjoyed the view and breathed the freedom among the endless mountains again and again.

In the evening I went to the hairdressing salon. The woman who made a cut for me was really nice and curious about me. Afterwards she asked me if I needed help. She even wrote her phone number in case of emergency! 

And then I went to say good bye to Achi's family. They gave me a lot of apples, wrote their contacts and expected me again at their home. What the nice people are in Georgia and this awesome world!

Don't take it for granted.

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